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/Garlic knots We love garlic, these little buttery plant-based garlic knots ar…

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🇬🇧/🇩🇪Garlic knots

We love garlic🧄, these little buttery plant-based garlic knots are simply heaven 🤩

Knoblauchknoten 🧄😍

Wir lieben Knoblauch. Und diese kleinen buttrigen pflanzlichen Knoblauchknoten sind einfach unfassbar intestine🤩

250ml non dairy milk
480g flour
2,5 tsp salt
50ml oil
1 large handfull chopped parsley
2 tbsp dried garlic
1 sachet dried yeast
150g vegan butter
2 garlic clove

➡️Heat the non-dairy milk up, it needs to be scorching. Add the yeast and put apart for five minutes.
➡️In the meantime combine roughly flour, 1,5 tsp salt, and 30ml Oil collectively.
➡️Add the yeast combination and knead for 3-Four minutes till you get a versatile dough which gained´t stick on the bowl.
➡️Let it relaxation for 1 hr. It ought to have doubled it dimension.
➡️Then roll out on a frivolously floured floor.
➡️Unfold evenly the dried garlic onto the dough.
➡️Reduce into 12-15cm x 2cm slices. Tie every slice right into a knot. Press the endings collectively.
➡️Place the knots on a baking tray, lined with baking parchement.
➡️Brush the knots with the remainging oil. Put apart for 20 minutes, to allow them to show.
➡️Preheat the oven to 200°C.
➡️Bake the knots for 10-15 minutes.
➡️In the meantime soften the vegan butter, press the garlic into it. Add the parsley and 1 tsp salt.
➡️Add the nice and cozy knots and toss nicely to coat.


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