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/Wild garlic pull aside bread We begin the wild garlic season with this delici…

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🇬🇧/🇩🇪Wild garlic pull aside bread🌱

We begin the wild garlic 🌱season with this scrumptious pull aside. Have you ever already tried wild garlic? 🤩We like it, it tastes virtually like garlic however with out the smelly half😅When you don´t get or don’t prefer it, you completely can swap the wild garlic for e.g. with basil or a traditional garlic butter ✨

Bärlauch Zupfkranz

Mit diesem leckeren Bärlauchzupfkranz eröffnen wir für uns die Bärlauchsaison 🌱✨Habt ihr Bärlauch schon mal probiert? Wir lieben ihn😍er schmeckt ähnlich wie Knoblauch aber die Stinkerei bleibt aus😅Ihr könnt, das Rezept aber natürlich auch mit jeder anderen Artwork von Pesto oder mit Knoblauchbutter machen💚

500g flour
42 g recent yeast (oder 14g dried yeast)
1/2 tsp sugar
40ml olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
250ml lukewarm water

2 bunch of untamed garlic
100g floor almonds
50ml olive oil
1/2 tsp salt

➡️Combine flour with salt
➡️Combine the yeast into the water and add the sugar, let it activate for five min.
➡️Knead than the yeast water with the flour. When all is combined add the olive oil.
➡️Let the dough relaxation for 1 hr.
➡️In the meantime puree wild garlic, almonds, olive oil and salt.
➡️After 1 hr. roll out the dough in a rectangle form.
➡️Unfold with the wild garlic pesto and begin to roll the dough from the lengthy facet till you have got a log.
➡️Go away approx. three cm huge area from the highest, then halve the remaining log. Flip the halved dough components to make it possible for the lower facet is upside. Now fold the left dough half over the correct one and proceed.
➡️Let it relaxation for 30 min.
➡️In the meantime preheat the oven to 200°C
➡️Then bake the bread for 30 min till golden brown.


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